SEAL SwimSafe™ Swim Monitor System

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The SEAL SwimSafe™ Swim Monitor System is the ultimate in swim safety technology. SEAL SwimSafe™ is the first aquatics safety system that uses advanced technology to determine whether a swimmer is in trouble and if so, alerts others with sound and flashing lights. It’s a lightweight wearable device using RF technology to communicate with a Hub. It’s portable, plug and play, and easy to use.

  • This product is NOT a toy, even though kids like it and think it is. SEAL SwimSafe™ offers the highest level of reliability, eliminating most false alerts, while assuring users in real time that all components are functioning properly.
  • Portable. Lightweight. Plug and play.  No bulky, uncomfortable, or improperly placed devices.
  • Adjustable Swim Levels. SEAL SwimSafe™ can be programmed quickly and easily to four different Swim Levels, from Toddler/Dry Mode to Guard Level. And there’s no need to change components as users age.
  • Dual Alert System. Alarms consist of a combination of lights and sound to provide immediate notification if a user is submerged for too long. The System is also alerted if a Band is removed, or if a user has left the Hub’s range.
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Start with the SEAL SwimSafe™ System! Comes with:

  • 1 Hub
  • 1 4-Band Residential Charger
  • 1 Band
  • 1 Power Supply
  • 3 Interchangeable Faceplates (blue, pink and orange)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 5 x 6 in
Number of SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands

One (1) SEAL SwimSafe™ Band, Two (2) SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands, Three (3) SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands, Four (4) SEAL SwimSafe™ Bands


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