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“Annie” it can happen to anyone

SEAL SwimSafe™ for Commercial Partners

From backyard pools of families with little swimmers to YMCAs, cruise lines, and large private pools, SEAL SwimSafe offers systems to monitor any swimmer at any swimming facility.

SEAL SwimSafe™, giving swimmers confidence, keeping swimming fun

At SEAL, we love to swim with family and friends year round. Our products allow parents, kids, and other adults to feel confident about learning to swim, while keeping it fun and healthy.

SEAL SwimSafe™ Swim Monitor System with 2 Bands, Unboxing

Watch the unboxing video of the SEAL SwimSafe Swim Monitor System with 2 Bands.

SEAL SwimSafe™ Level 1, Blue – up to 20 seconds allowed submersion

The SEAL SwimSafe Swim Monitor system can be used with kids who are just learning to swim. This is our Blue Level, which allows for up to 20 seconds of submersion before alerting. Often these children are more confident in their swimming ability than they should be and take chances without understanding what is safe. It’s great for them to try out their new skills, but SEAL SwimSafe makes sure a backup alerting adults and guards when a child is over their head in water.

SEAL SwimSafe™ Patented technology

SEAL SwimSafe was designed by top engineers and physicians over several years. Unlike Bluetooth solutions or expensive video technology, SEAL SwimSafe minimizes false alarms by staying in constant contact with swimmers. The SEAL SwimSafe Hub can monitor up to 16 swimmers at once without ever losing a connection.