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How It Works

Simply place your Band in the SwimSafe Charger and press the Swim Level button until the Charger and Band flash with the correct Swim Level Setting color for your swimmer.

Whether it’s worn by a toddler, a child taking swim lessons or a top-notch tri-athlete, the Band is now set to alarm if it’s submerged past the set time for that Swim Level. It’s simple to use, smart technology that can save lives. 

Step 1:

Set the SEAL SwimSafe Band to the appropriate swim level for the swimmer. Each level is preset with a specific time limit for allowed submersion.

Step 2:

The SEAL SwimSafe Hub continuously monitors each Band within its range, checking in with each Band several times a second.

The SEAL SwimSafe Hub can stay in constant contact with dozens of Bands.

Step 3:

The Hub will alarm if a swimmer is submerged past their preset swim level time. It also alerts if the swimmer removes the Band, or if the Band travels outside the Hub’s coverage area.

The Hub and Band will alarm with flashing lights, and they will also emit a siren alarm to alert adults and lifeguards in the area.

Dual Alert System

Alarms consist of a combination of light and sirens to provide immediate notification if a user is submerged for too long. The system is alerted if a Band is removed or if a user has left the Hub’s range.

Advanced Design

No bulky, uncomfortable, or improperly placed devices. Our ergonomic, physician-approved, aquatic industry tested, state-of-the-art monitor provides ease of use and unparalleled performance - all without impeding enjoyment or competition.

Customized Solutions

SEAL SwimSafe™ can be programmed quickly and easily to four levels of swimming proficiency, while interchangeable face plates allow users to personalize their band with up to 5 different colors.

No Installation Necessary

SEAL SwimSafe™ is fully portable, making it ideal for backyards, commercial venues, lake or ocean fronts or boating. Use it at home or take it with you. It’s always ready wherever and whenever you need it.

RFAO Technology

SEAL SwimSafe™ offers the highest level of reliability, eliminating most false alerts while assuring users in real time that all components are functioning properly.

It Grows with You

Only purchase what you need when you need it. There’s no need to change components as swimming proficiency progresses.

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