SEAL SwimSafe™ allows your YMCA, camp, municipal pool, aquatics facility, cruise line, private club, resort, or water park to swim with confidence.

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Great for organizations that believe in safer pools, safer communities, and safer children.

“I love knowing that we are taking advantage of the latest innovations in water safety. We are adding an extra layer of protection for our kids while continuing to train vigilant guards and implement best guarding practices in the nation. The high intensity strobe coming from the swim band immediately locates the submerged swimmer and at the same time all other swimmers are notified to clear the pool. The kids love wearing the bands and are fascinated with the flashing colors above and below the water. It’s the only swim safety tool I have ever seen that kids actually enjoy using which has been fun to watch.”

YMCA Aquatics Director

Meet SEAL SwimSafe™

The SEAL SwimSafe™ system consists of three critical components: the Swim Band, the Guard Band, and the Hub. One Hub can monitor up to 60 swimmers triggering loud alarms and strobes on both the Hub and the Guard Band(s) when a swimmer is in trouble. Bands adjust to fit anyone – from toddlers to elderly swimmers – and are perfect for any-sized pool.

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The Swim Band

Each swimmer wears a comfortable and light weight band that is configured to the appropriate swim level. In the event of an emergency the band with sound a load alarm and flash a strobe light from the swimmer in distress. All swimmers remaining in the water will all turn red and go silent so it is easy to spot the swimmer in need.

The Guard Band

The band can be configured to be a guard band which is worn by a designated lifeguard or pool supervisor. You can program several guard bands per system if you have more than one guard. The guard band sounds an alarm and flashes a strobe light when a swim band triggers the hub because a swimmer is in distress.

The Hub

The Hub can monitor up to 60 swimmers at once and communicates with every paired band (swimmers and guards) several times per second. A loud alarm and strobes on the Hub and Guard Band when swimmer is in trouble. The Hub is typically located near a guard stand or poolside and for best coverage is at least four to five feet above the pool deck.


Sirens and strobes on Bands and Hub alert lifeguards of a swimmer in distress.


Lifeguards wear Guard Level Bands so they are alerted no matter where they are.


Patented RFAO technology monitors up to 60 swimmers on every Hub.


Percentage of drownings that occur in the shallow end of pool (less than five feet of water)

SEAL SwimSafe™ is giving lifeguards the upper hand

Lifeguards have an impossible job.

For hours a day they work vigilantly in a loud and hectic environment and are charged with noticing the one swimmer who is NOT moving, NOT in plain sight and NOT making a sound.

Enhance lifeguard effectiveness by providing a tool that safeguards swimmers.

Protecting pools, protecting swimmers.

SEAL SwimSafe provides lifeguards critically needed technology advantage with strobe lights and sirens during emergencies that are often completely silent.

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