Water Safety That is Ready to Travel: SwimSafe is Ready For Your Cruise

Going on a cruise? Get ready to relax on the big blue with SEAL Innovation's helpful packing list!

Don't forget to pack an extra swimsuit  -- nothing worse than wearing a wet swimsuit around, right? The kiddos could probably use a change, too!

Some cute water shoes should keep you and your family on your toes and off of any nasty bacteria that might be lingering around on deck. Plus, wet deck surfaces can get pretty slippery, and water shoes can give you the grip you need.


Face wipes, because who can relax when you're so hot and sweaty? Try some cucumber wipes or splurge on something fancy for yourself from Ulta or Sephora -- afterall you're on vacation, so live it up.  If you're carrying diapers around on deck might as well be in a diaper backpack- keep your hands free and make room for all your stuff in there, too! When I traded in my traditional diaper "bag" for a backpack I felt so much more free, and had less back and shoulder pain.

Water safety isn't something that we think about automatically on a cruise, but it's very important. Some ships don't have a lifeguard-- make sure your ship has someone certified in CPR watching the pools and make decisions about what kind of water safety you want to bring with you for your family. SEAL SwimSafe, is a portable, rechargable, wearable technology that detects drowning and alerts caregivers when a swimmer has been underwater for longer than is safe for the swimmer. SwimSafe is already being used on some Princess Cruiselines, so call your ship and see if they're offering SEAL SwimSafe.

Sun safety is very important and what you skimp on today you could pay for tomorrow. Find out what type of SPF you and your family should be using with our SPF Guide.  UPF clothing and sun hats can help guard against the sun, too. Remember, a peeling sunburn isn't a good look for anybody.

So, grab some reusable water bottles for the family and some wet bags to transfer your soaked swimmies! Now go have fun! 

For even more ideas for your trip take a look at the SEAL Pinterest page! We have a Cruise Ready board dedicated to all the things you could ever want on a cruise! Got a suggestion for the board? Send it to us! We want to know what you brought on your cruise. 



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